Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Unemployment snowballs at Half a Million a Month (thats 15 Million out of work by August)

As unemployment snowballs to the tune of 500,000 job losses per month by August the U.S will have 15 Million unemployed. Where are all of these people going to look for jobs. They are rushing to the Internet. People are keeping their Internet connection over their land phones, cable and etc because the Web provides a way to stay connected in so many ways.

Out of all these people rushing to the web about 25% of them have never been online so they are completely new and that means that Social Media experts like myself need to be ready to lead and teach. I know many others in this industry and are you ready? You should be.

A home based business for the underemployed (those working under 40 hours a week) moonlighting to create extra money to pay bills and those who are starting home based businesses to make ends meet. Whatever they are looking for be ready- the door is open and all that you have to do is walk through.

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Unemployment snowballs at Half Million Month thats 15 out of work by August How to find job

President Obama announced he will use SOCIAL MEDIA to get America Going again.

While he was on the campaigne trail his myspace and facebook pages helped him mobilize and win the election.

He will use the email list of 13 million people to mobilize new ways to get our economy, jobs and community services back on track. If that doesn't prove that YOU can use the Internet and Social Media to your advantage then I don't know what does!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Right now I am in production on my local show. Thats another channel and blog to post up later for you to see after I get it rolling. I am still posting videos to the myhappylaptop channel but they are scheduled in intrevals so that I can keep up with my schedule. I am also spending a ton of time communicating with people in Facebook since myspace has proved to be slow compared to FB. (Thats my experience) I have more communications with people there and can network locally much faster and efficently. Check the channel for all the latest and I will see you there :)