Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Unemployment snowballs at Half a Million a Month (thats 15 Million out of work by August)

As unemployment snowballs to the tune of 500,000 job losses per month by August the U.S will have 15 Million unemployed. Where are all of these people going to look for jobs. They are rushing to the Internet. People are keeping their Internet connection over their land phones, cable and etc because the Web provides a way to stay connected in so many ways.

Out of all these people rushing to the web about 25% of them have never been online so they are completely new and that means that Social Media experts like myself need to be ready to lead and teach. I know many others in this industry and are you ready? You should be.

A home based business for the underemployed (those working under 40 hours a week) moonlighting to create extra money to pay bills and those who are starting home based businesses to make ends meet. Whatever they are looking for be ready- the door is open and all that you have to do is walk through.

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Unemployment snowballs at Half Million Month thats 15 out of work by August How to find job

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