Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Building a New Presence Online

Thanks to all who messaged me while I was in the middle of the move. Always great to hear from you all. UPDATE- now that I am in the new HOME OFFICE I am going to be adding some great things to pages. As I go through this expansion I will also be posting videos of cool new features and tools that I have found as well as MORE RESOURCES.

We love Resources!

Also putting together SOMETHING SPECIAL for those of you who want the details on what I am doing with Social Media in the REAL WORLD. (You asked for it, you'll get it)

There is a big event coming up Locally and I am going to be taking the camera out to get some footage! Huge Business Expo going on that will be exciting and since I know the organizers, Zany and FUN will be on the menu. They network with PIZZAZZ! People have a lot of fun meeting through games and such. That is such a good idea because people Remember each other much better and always have a great story to tell.

See you very soon! With more updates. :)

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