Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Start Your Own Business, Farrah Gray author of "The Truth Shall Make You Rich" shares

How you can profit from starting a business even in these tough economic times. He believes even now is probably the best time because it forces you to look at yourself and really find out what your skills and talents are.

Asked directly by CNN Anchor Regie Aqui if you need money to start a business Farrah's answer is what I and many other Internet Leaders have said time and time again "Absolutely not!"

Staring a Self Business or a Home Based Internet Business doesn't have to cost you any cash. It may cost you some time and effort but it can be done with no money. This is where people like me come in to show you how this can be done through mentorship. You can learn and ask questions so that you can develope your BRAND and make sure that everyone all the time knows that YOU are Out Here and working to build a portfolio of happy clients.

More tips in the video below to get your brain thinking out side the box. Contact me after if you are ready to get started. Grab a pen and paper and write down the ideas that POP for you.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jobless Man Launches his Internet Business to Success in a Coffee Shop

Ken Hawkins was a graphic designer who was out of work. He decided to live the "New American Dream" (as CNN put it) and create a Web based business. Out of work and with little money he goes to the local coffee shop daily to utilize the free Wifi and goes to work.

A few sponsors and now he is getting 10's of thousands of hits per day!

This is what I have been saying the web, can produce a career/job for you. Ken did it I have done it, RhondaK is doing it, Dennis Karganilla too. Would you like more names? The list could go on for eons. Its REAL its tangigle and it's true.

You have to know how. Teaming up with a leader gets you there faster and since we have already fell into all the potholes along the way we can turn around and say "Hey don't step there, go around." saving you a ton of pain. Get with me today and we will discuss what your hobbies and passions could lead to, a new career!

Here is the CNN video of Ken and his Coffee Shop Laptop Biz...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kudos to The Francine Show, 84 WHAS Radio Helping People Get Jobs!!!

This is one of our local girls! Yay for Francine and The Francine Show on 84 WHAS. I listen especially on Friday's when Francine hooks local people up with local employers who have decent paying jobs w/benefits!

This is serious thinking outside the box and a job well done!

See her on CNN News right here for the details of how this idea to help others worked out very well! WAY TO GO FRANCINE! <3

What Would Google Do?

In a new book by Blogger Jeff Jarvis he takes a serious look at how powerful the relationship is the Google has with the world. He also spotlights a few other wonders of the web like Facebook, Craigslist and Wikipedia.

Jeff is very candid and to the point that content with out links has no value in todays world. Once upon a time we sold newspapers, now we blog and live in a digital world where the link determines how deep the reader wants to go.

Also, by opening up communication by "living in public" as he put it, companies are growing exponentially by getting great ideas from the customers who might seem like a complainer- when in truth these are the best customers because they are passionate and care about that product or service!

See what else, including brainstorming tips Jeff had to say in this CNN video.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will FaceBook Clip Twitters Wings?

FaceBook has been impressed with and Coveted Twitter since it became an Internet Sensation. Recently Facebook tried to aquire Twiitter with $500 Million in FaceBook stock. The Bird wasn't for sale!

FaceBook who noticed that all of us are posting our Tweets in the Facebook status box decided that since they have the technology why not make some changes?

When the new FaceBook look and updates go into Full Release you might not be tweeting as much as you used to because right there in FaceBook will be The Stream.

The Stream will ask "what are you thinking" and will bring the world of microblogging right into FaceBooks new integration!

Everyone now is waiting for the official launch to find out if we all keep tweeting our heads off, or if FaceBook will clip Twitters wings?

What are you thinking?

UPDATE: 3/18/09

When Facebook launched the Stream on Monday it did not get rave reviews in fact a borage of angy comments Flittered on Twitter!

Thousands of people called it "wanna be!" one person even referred to it as the "ugly step sister to friend feed!". There were glitches galore and when it came to being REAL TIME there was a time delay??? How is that Real Time? Postings weren't hitting for 15 minutes if at all. Day one, not good for Facebooks Stream.

Then the big news hit, Tweetdeck added the Facebook Stream to its application and suddenly tho still not 100% the Facebook Stream seemed to be working better. We will watch and see what is actually going to happen.

Note: the most popular way to view the Facebook Stream is by watching Twitter. An option that you can Click on right from Facebook. That said I think Twitter is still in the lead.

Also just since Facebook launched "The Stream" a new report came out showing Twitter growing at 1382%

Maybe the winner is already clear, our little bluebird of happiness is turning into one BIG Eagle!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here is how THEY Broke the System Systematically over Decades WALL STREETS Crimes against America

I watch a few news channels so don't be surprised that you are about to Hear Keith Olbermann give you the skinny of just how BIG BANKS broke our system to their own benefit! (Gee surprise there) BUT how they did it is absolutely shameful and amazing all at the same time!

As Keith set this up : "Unless you understand this they will continue to keep it broke."

Recession: Second Life and Happiness

As a leader in the Internet Industry I and many other like me have advised finding your passion and turning it into a career. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. In the current recession many people are assessing what they are doing.

Does your job make you happy?
Is it what you want to be doing?
Do you enjoy getting up everyday and going to that job?

Many people who have been downsized/laid off are finding ways to create careers for themselves out of their passions. I hope that this inspires YOU to sit down and answer the questions above plus a few others you will find here in the CNN News report- thinking outside the box is worth it and can lead you to what YOU really want in life.

"All things have Opportunity within them you have only to look for it to see it." With Blessings Johni aka myhappylaptop

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go to an Unemployed Camp if you Need a Job (and learn some Internet Marketing Leaders tricks)

Something that many of us leaders in the Internet Industry have been saying is that "everyone is an expert at something, getting in with others and sharing your knowledge can benefit the group" now its even popping up in an unusual spot. A bar, where instead of people coming to have a good time, they came as Unemployed people to network together. Take a look at the CNN Video and see what happened and what sounds familiar. (Personal note- I am happy that everyday people are starting to see the potential of thinking outside the box and creating your own brand.)

Simply put more confirmation of our industry being the cutting edge. Want to learn more and how it can benefit you too? Message me here and I will be happy to fill you in.

Johni of myhappylaptop
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST unless you saw the news :)