Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go to an Unemployed Camp if you Need a Job (and learn some Internet Marketing Leaders tricks)

Something that many of us leaders in the Internet Industry have been saying is that "everyone is an expert at something, getting in with others and sharing your knowledge can benefit the group" now its even popping up in an unusual spot. A bar, where instead of people coming to have a good time, they came as Unemployed people to network together. Take a look at the CNN Video and see what happened and what sounds familiar. (Personal note- I am happy that everyday people are starting to see the potential of thinking outside the box and creating your own brand.)

Simply put more confirmation of our industry being the cutting edge. Want to learn more and how it can benefit you too? Message me here and I will be happy to fill you in.

Johni of myhappylaptop
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST unless you saw the news :)

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