Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jobless Man Launches his Internet Business to Success in a Coffee Shop

Ken Hawkins was a graphic designer who was out of work. He decided to live the "New American Dream" (as CNN put it) and create a Web based business. Out of work and with little money he goes to the local coffee shop daily to utilize the free Wifi and goes to work.

A few sponsors and now he is getting 10's of thousands of hits per day!

This is what I have been saying the web, can produce a career/job for you. Ken did it I have done it, RhondaK is doing it, Dennis Karganilla too. Would you like more names? The list could go on for eons. Its REAL its tangigle and it's true.

You have to know how. Teaming up with a leader gets you there faster and since we have already fell into all the potholes along the way we can turn around and say "Hey don't step there, go around." saving you a ton of pain. Get with me today and we will discuss what your hobbies and passions could lead to, a new career!

Here is the CNN video of Ken and his Coffee Shop Laptop Biz...

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