Monday, March 9, 2009

Recession: Second Life and Happiness

As a leader in the Internet Industry I and many other like me have advised finding your passion and turning it into a career. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. In the current recession many people are assessing what they are doing.

Does your job make you happy?
Is it what you want to be doing?
Do you enjoy getting up everyday and going to that job?

Many people who have been downsized/laid off are finding ways to create careers for themselves out of their passions. I hope that this inspires YOU to sit down and answer the questions above plus a few others you will find here in the CNN News report- thinking outside the box is worth it and can lead you to what YOU really want in life.

"All things have Opportunity within them you have only to look for it to see it." With Blessings Johni aka myhappylaptop

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