Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Would Google Do?

In a new book by Blogger Jeff Jarvis he takes a serious look at how powerful the relationship is the Google has with the world. He also spotlights a few other wonders of the web like Facebook, Craigslist and Wikipedia.

Jeff is very candid and to the point that content with out links has no value in todays world. Once upon a time we sold newspapers, now we blog and live in a digital world where the link determines how deep the reader wants to go.

Also, by opening up communication by "living in public" as he put it, companies are growing exponentially by getting great ideas from the customers who might seem like a complainer- when in truth these are the best customers because they are passionate and care about that product or service!

See what else, including brainstorming tips Jeff had to say in this CNN video.

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