Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will FaceBook Clip Twitters Wings?

FaceBook has been impressed with and Coveted Twitter since it became an Internet Sensation. Recently Facebook tried to aquire Twiitter with $500 Million in FaceBook stock. The Bird wasn't for sale!

FaceBook who noticed that all of us are posting our Tweets in the Facebook status box decided that since they have the technology why not make some changes?

When the new FaceBook look and updates go into Full Release you might not be tweeting as much as you used to because right there in FaceBook will be The Stream.

The Stream will ask "what are you thinking" and will bring the world of microblogging right into FaceBooks new integration!

Everyone now is waiting for the official launch to find out if we all keep tweeting our heads off, or if FaceBook will clip Twitters wings?

What are you thinking?

UPDATE: 3/18/09

When Facebook launched the Stream on Monday it did not get rave reviews in fact a borage of angy comments Flittered on Twitter!

Thousands of people called it "wanna be!" one person even referred to it as the "ugly step sister to friend feed!". There were glitches galore and when it came to being REAL TIME there was a time delay??? How is that Real Time? Postings weren't hitting for 15 minutes if at all. Day one, not good for Facebooks Stream.

Then the big news hit, Tweetdeck added the Facebook Stream to its application and suddenly tho still not 100% the Facebook Stream seemed to be working better. We will watch and see what is actually going to happen.

Note: the most popular way to view the Facebook Stream is by watching Twitter. An option that you can Click on right from Facebook. That said I think Twitter is still in the lead.

Also just since Facebook launched "The Stream" a new report came out showing Twitter growing at 1382%

Maybe the winner is already clear, our little bluebird of happiness is turning into one BIG Eagle!

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